Country & Classic Rock

Band Bio:

Shauna Lea & Hired Guns are a three piece trio and up to a full 5 piece band playing country, classic rock & pop from

El Dorado County, US.

The band formed in 2010 from a collection of fun, energetic, reliable, talented professionals!

Their unique brand of entertainment fuses 80’s to current tunes in multiple genres with three lead singers & harmonies. Down to earth, talented, reliable & entertaining!

Always big smiles, always dressed to impress & always ready for a good time that will make you want to dance & sing along to all your favorite tunes from multiple genres over many decades….

Now hailed as one of Sacramento’s top 10 country bands by hundreds of venues, Shauna Lea & Hired Guns have performed over 1000 shows and have been performing together for over 10 years.

Shauna Lea & Hired Guns are currently accepting bookings and would be thrilled to be the life of your next venue or


For more info or to book, visit the band's website at https://www.shaunalea.com or get in touch on Facebook.

Shauna Lea

Lead Vocals

Jerry Rabago

Lead Guitar &

Lead Vocals

2024 Show Dates

May 3rd Shauna Lea & Hired Guns Trio

Rudy’s Place, Placerville


May 4th 2024 Shauna Lea & Hired Guns Band

Perry Creek, Fairplay


May 24th Shauna Lea & Hired Guns Trio

Rancho Victoria, Plymouth


May 25th Shauna Lea & Hired Guns Band

HWY 50 Brewery, Camino


June 1st Shauna Lea & Hired Guns Band

Ciello Sulla Terra Winery, Fairplay


June 22nd Shauna Lea & Hired Guns Band

The Moose Lodge, Camino


July 19th Shauna Lea & Hired Guns Trio

Rancho Victoria, Plymouth


August 10th Shauna Lea & Hired Guns Trio

Private Party, Kyburz


August 17th Shauna Lea & Hired Guns Band

HWY 50 Brewery, Camino


August 25th Shauna Lea & Hired Guns Band

Sugar Barge, Bethel Island


September 12th Shauna Lea & Hired Guns Trio

Burke’s Junction, Cameron Park


September 28th Shauna Lea & Hired Guns

Sly Park Resort, Pollock Pines


October 25th Shauna Lea & Hired Guns Trio

Rancho Victoria, Plymouth


November 2nd Shauna Lea & Hired Guns Band

Mederios Winery, Fairplay


December 7th Shauna Lea & Hired Guns Trio

Rancho Victoria, Plymouth


Music Notes

Corey Justin

Acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocals

Rob Ashlock


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Rich Mason


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Song List

Poor Poor Pitiful Me

Suds In The Bucket

As Good As I Once Was

Mercury Blues

Mama He's Crazy

The One I Love

The Gambler

Black Velvet

Black Horse And A Cherry Tree

Heads Carolina, Tails California

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

Take It Easy

Who Knew


Little Lies

I've Been Everywhere

Little White Church

When Will I Be Loved

All Along The Watchtower

Folsom Prison Blues

On The Road Again


Brown Eyed Girl



Girl Crush


Its Five Oclock Somewhere


Boot Scootin' Boogie

Independence Day

Here For The Party

Harden my Heart

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Hot N Cold

Sweet Caroline

Leather and Lace

Friends In Low Places

Long Train Runnin

Sweet Child)’ Mine


Wagon Wheel

Long Train Runnin'

Lay Down Sally

Redneck Woman

Just call Me Lonesome

Hurt Me Bad In A Real Good Way


Stand By Me

Ain't As Good As I Once Was

Mercury Blues

Game of Love


Here For A Good Time

I've Been Everywhere

Your Man

Mama's Broken Heart

Brown Eyed Girl

Don't Rock The Jukebox

2 More Bottles of Wine

Pride and Joy

Wagon Wheel

Hurts So Good

Pink Cadillac

Queen of Hearts

Gunpowder & Lead

Mi Vida Loca

Dig Two


Last Name

White Liar

Hell On Heels

Christmas Songs

Winter Wonderland

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Chestnuts on An Open Fire

Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

Silent Night

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

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PAST Show Dates



January 29 Powell's

March 10 McDermott's

April 14 McDermotts

April 28 Rancho Victoria

May 6 Perry Creek

May 18 Batia Tasting Room

May 20 Lee’s Feed

May 26 HWY 50 Brewery

June 10 Rancho Victoria release

June 17th Country Festival,

Rancho Murieta 1:00-2:30PM

(Opening for Buck Ford & Hunter & Jordan,

Nashville recording artists)

June 23rd HWY 50 Brewery

June 30 Batia,

July 7th McDermotts Bar

July 14 Starfield Winery

July 21st HWY50 Brewery

July 22 Cielo Sulla Terra

August 4 McDermotts

August 5th Perry Creek

September 10th Coloma Club

October 21 Private Party

October 27 Rancho Victoria

October 28th Private Party

November 4th Mederios Winery

December 2nd Plymouth Street Market

Jan 8th McDermotts

Jan 15thHWY 50 Brewery

Feb 9th CSHA Clements

March 12th HWY50

April 23rd private party wedding

May 14th Medeiros Winery

May 28th Perry Creek

June 10thHWY50

June 11thHWY50

June 12th Saluti Winery

June 25thPrivate Party

July 8th Cold Springs Country Club

July 23rd Iverson Winery

July 30th McDermotts

Aug 13th Medeiros Winery

Aug 14thHWY50

Aug 7th McDermotts

Sept 17th Iverson Winery

Oct 23thPowell’s Steamers

Oct 29th private party Halloween

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All dates pending covid

May 8th Perry Creek

May 29th Greenstone Party

June 8th Perry Creek

June 12th Rancho Victoria

Junr 16th Starfield

July 14th Starfield

July 24th Private party

August 11th Starfield

September 3rd RanchoVictoria

September 8th Starfield

September 29th Starfield

October 1st Rancho Victoria

October 2nd E16 Winery

October 3rd Rancho Victoria

October 13th Starfield

October 22nd HWY50

December 11th Country Club

February 8th Valencia Club

February 15th Wrangler

March 7th Rancho Victoria

March 8th Rancho Victoria

April 10th Rancho Victoria

April 17thSkinner Winery

April 18thPrivateWedding

April 19th Skinner Winery

May 30th RanchoVictoria

July 18th Mediteranian Winery

September 26th E16 Winery

September 24th E16 Winery

November 1st Perry Creek Winery

Music Notes



January 7th Wrangler

February 16th Ale House

February 24th Beermans

March 2nd Ale House

March 3rd Wrangler

March 4th Rancho Victoria

March 5th Rancho Victoria

March 10th Dillians

March 16th Ale House

March 18th National Anthem

March 25th Private Party

March 30th Ale House

April 1st El Dorado Saloon

April 8th Mavericks

April 13th Ale House

April 15th Rancho Victoria #1 gig

April 15th Swabbies #2 gig

April 22nd Six Shooter Saloon

April 27th Ale House

April 29th Rookies

May 5th Wrangler

May 6th Private Party

May 11th Ale House

May 20th El Dorado Saloon

May 25th Ale House

May 26th Nino's

May 27th Pine Gr


June 1st Ale House

June 2nd Country Club

June 3rd Lee's Feed #1

June 3rd Saureel #2

June 8th Ale House

June 10thCountry on the Vine

June 18th El Dprado CountyF


June 22nd Ale nHouse

June 23rd Wrangler

June 24th El Dorado Saloon

June 29th Ale House

June 30th Private Party

July 7th Ale House

July 14th Ale House

July 21st Ale House

July 23rd PurplePlace

July 28th Ale House

July 29th Nino's

July 30th Private Party #1

July 30th Country Club #2

August 3rd Wally's

August 4th Ale House

August 5th Private Party

August 11th Ale House

July 12th Loui's Lounge

August 13th Stars

August 18th Ale House

August 19th Jan's Lounge

Auguist 21st Fair Grounds

August 25th Ale House

September 1stAle House

September 2nd Nino's

September 3rd Purple Place

September 8th Ale House

September 10th Church Rally

September 15th Ale House

September 16th Holy Trinity

September 17th CHP CarShow

September 17th Sauced #2

September 22nd Ale House

September 23rd Jan's Lounge

September 24th Opera House

September 29th Powerhouse

September 30thj ElDoradoSaloon

October 1st Rancho Victoria

October 2nd Rancho Victoria

October 6th Ale House

October 8th Rookies

October 13th Ale House

October 14th Wrangler

October 15th El Dorado Saloon

October 27th Ale House

November 3rd Powerhouse

November 4th Country Clu


November 5th SacramentoSports Bar

November 18th Private Party

November 25th El Dorado Saloon

November 23rd Nino's

November 25th El Dorado Saloon

November 26th Rookie's

December 3rd Private Party

December 23rd Jan's Lounge

December 31st Grumpy's

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